On your list of things to do, never forget to enjoy

Number 5 enjoy is an American Fashion House. That sounds kinda of stuffy but I assure you, we're anything but.. Fun and drop-dead gorgeous fashion are the mantra here.. We're students of the "Patti Theory of Business" you see. Patti's my mom. She was one smart cookie and a believer in "to-do" lists, She ended every one the same way, with the instruction, "Enjoy!" It was her reminder to make the most of every moment and it inspires everything we do. We're all-in to bring joy to fashion and hope it's contagious.

enjoy logo with fashions.png

Beth Barna Mavelle (holding the tiara) is Chief Princess here at Number 5 Enjoy. She’s a kid in a candy store designing things that make people feel special. She works by the acronym,  WWZZD (What Would Zsa Zsa Do?) The collections jumping out of her mind are iconic and fit modern living to a tee..